Opening Night 8 September

@ Gaffa Gallery

281 Clarence Street, Sydney NSW 2000

Exhibition Open 7th September to 19th September

Monday-Friday: 10am-6pm

Saturday: 11am-5pm

Sunday and Public Holidays: Closed


Drawing Time is a group drawing show in Sydney being held at Gaffa Gallery.

The theme is an open interpretaion on the drawing, as long as works can be loosely classified as "drawing". This is not limited to traditional drawing mediums. Non conventional/unique approaches to drawing are encouraged. Paint - collage - pen - sharpie - prints - mixed media - white out - charcoal - wire - (video & sound dependent on gallery facilities) - etc - etc.

    Grant Hunter
  Grant Hunter Art

Grant Hunter likes to doodle on everything, he mostly depicts kinda gross but lovable monster babes with big teeth and boobs, but sometimes other things too, like squirrelly psychedelic lines and heaps of circles and lots of colourful nightmare landscapes and superheroes and native marsupials. Lately he has been doing lots of drawing on the computer, because it's very economical and also very technological. He also likes a bit of painting and dabbles in sound and video art, but he has been so slack with it lately, aside from the occasional crude animation. He has been very busy this year! His work appeared in about 10 group exhibitions, he curated a super art show about dinosaurs, he contributed cover art for volume two of the New Weird Australia music compilation series, and he scored the oh so sweet job of guest cover artist for an issue of Cyclic Defrost magazine. He's particularly interested in the divide between FINE ART and ILLUSTRATION, and is hoping to balance the two out somehow, make heaps of money, and not be too much of a snob.

  Tobius Miller Art

Tobius Miller

When waters broke tobius miller rolled on out to be a young boy who chose to listen to the noises inside his head like the rushing sound in your ears when you yawn, and to stare at the bits of floating dust in his eye rather than concentrating on his surroundings. since then tobius never really grew out of that - just focuses harder on doing it.

    Joel Beerden
  Joel Beerden Art

Joel Beerden's latest body of work, Dreamings of the Crystalline, aims to explore an experience of landscape through an abstract language informed by crystalline structures. The concept of the crystalline physically and metaphorically embodies a sense of the sublime. Like the sublime, the crystal represents forces independent of human experience of phenomena, but within the range of knowledge. Crystalline formation and growth displays the idea of the inorganic infused with organic life, and has been described as the spiritual within the material. A painting in its creation and reception shares the same transcendental quality.



    Amanda Kenneth
  Amanda Kenneth Art

Amanda's work varies from large scale paintings to intricately cut stickers made with street art collective DAg ARt. Her work is immediate fresh and fun.

    Jo-Ann Cahill
  Jo-Ann Cahill art A recent graduate of COFA, Jo-Ann Cahill makes beautiful washed pieces that usually centre on a single figure. The images are generally originally taken from the internet and then softened, the meanings becoming construed and abstracted.
  gerant art

You Tube superstar and a telemarketer's worst nightmare, gerant works across a variety of mediums managing to blend them to good effect.



Daniel Smith
  Daniel Smith Drawing

Daniel Smith's art practice revolves primarily around drawing. At times the drawings are done on paper but also take shape in painting and digital mediums.

Daniel is a sometimes photographer who likes to create animations with a Nintendo DS and somewhat obsessively make drawings in his sketchbooks. Popular subject matter includes amoeba like shapes, odd characters, strange catchphrases, crass line drawings of nude and semiclad women and ugly men. Source material is often mined from the depths of the interwebs.

A recent venture into pixel art and graphics has sparked a new interest and direction.

    Anastasia Freeman
  Anastasia Freeman Art Anastasia studied Fine Arts at COFA.
    Bran Sinclair
  Bran Sinclair Art Bran Sinclair is a painter and digital artist based in Newcastle.
    Taryn Raffan
  Taryn art Taryn received a bachelor of fine arts from Newcastle University(honours) in 2009 and has been exhibiting since 2004.
    Sarah Mould
  Sarah Mould

Sarah likes to paint and draw and screenprint girls and boys and animals that despite her best intentions usually end up looking like a sleepy mix of cutesy and cat aids.

She is also one half of darling design duo, Grey Gardens and helps run an artist market called Young & Baroque and a gallery called Arthive. All of these things are set to be huge.. watch out!

She is terribly mysterious. She doesn't want you calling her.

    Daniel Tanner
  Daniel Tanner

Daniel's work revolves around an open exploration of cognition and relative phenomena. Surreal imagery and pop visions of our modern social civilisation are cultivated through a hybrid of technology and traditional media.

    Eleanor Jane Robinson
  Jane Robinson Art

Eleanor Jane Robinson's work garners inspiration from the things that she loves and finds inspiring – especially family, friends, books and music. Her main interests are photography, fibre art and installations. The works are created in an intuitive manner and enjoyment is found in work that slips between disciplines and blurs the lines a little.

Eleanor Jane Robinson studied fine arts at Newcastle Art School.

    Patrycja Nedziak
    Eduardo Wolfe-Alegria

The paintings of visual artist Eduardo Wolfe-Alegria have developed through extensive study in a variety of practices. He holds a Bachelor of Visual Communication (Hons) from the University of Technology, Sydney, where he specialized in illustration and print design. He has also studied screen printing and textile design at RMIT, Melbourne. In 2007 he founded the bespoke textile design label Yum Plus One, specializing in hand screen printed home-wares, which was featured in various prominent design publications. He has subsequently returned to postgraduate studies at Sydney College of the Arts, focusing on exploring painting, sculpture and installation. He also teaches at UTS in the the Visual Communication program. Wolfe-Alegria creates innovative new work drawn from the diversity of his experiences. His first solo show, opening at Gaffa Gallery, Sydney in March 2011 titled Bhodisattvas, demonstrates the artist's eclecticism, and his drive to develop a diverse and yet highly personalized visual language.

    Kel McIntosh
  Najeroux Kel’s current body of work is an exploration of her own love of two countries and the question “where is home?”. Here she deals with issues of duel patriotism, cultural exclusion, the agony of a South Africa Vs. Australia Rugby game and the repercussions of saying Braai at a Barbeque. Kel is an illustrator, photographer, novice alchemist and current student of Visual Communication Design at the University of Newcastle. She is also a nerd who likes to chain smoke between beers.
    Chas Glover
  Chas Glover



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